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Manufacturing Technologies in Luxembourg

Internationally renowned companies

Luxembourg’s strong track record in the manufacture and processing of many types of innovative materials is well proven with internationally renowned companies being located in Luxembourg for many years. Such materials include, for example, plastics & polymers, metals, composites, minerals, glass, wood and paper, which are produced and processed in support of many business sectors. 

One of the major applications for Manufacturing Technologies is in the automotive industry where Luxembourg is a key location for first and second tier suppliers, with more than 30 different sites employing over 10,000 people in total, including more than 2,200 highly qualified technicians and researchers (e.g.  Goodyear Innovation Centre, Delphi, IEE, etc). The sector generates in excess of 1.5 billion EUR of sales turnover per year. 

Luxembourg is also known as being an innovative technology base for the iron & steel industry, the non-ferrous products sector, plastics and, in a broader sense, the chemical industry, the glass and cement industries as well as the high-tech construction sector, another thriving pillar of Luxembourg’s economic landscape.

Another example of expertise available in Luxembourg is that of Materials Production and Processing where companies are known internationally for their particularly well advanced capabilities (e.g.  IMAtec, DuPont de Nemours,…).


Strong public research capabilities

These various activities are complemented by strong public research capabilities. The  Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology hosts the department for Materials Research and Technology (MRT), whose major research topics include material design, surface and bulk engineering, performance design and material modelling and in the field of characterisation on the nanometre, or even atomic, scale of solid materials, the development of new surface treatments, the fabrication of innovative nano-materials as well as the development of scientific instruments for the analysis of materials and surface treatments. The research unit “Physics and Material Sciences” of the University of Luxembourg is built on four pillars, which are Material Sciences, Physics of Condensed Matter and Advanced Materials, Radiation Physics and Photovoltaics. This is in addition to the Research Unit in Engineering Science (Processes).

Business activities related to the Manufacturing Technologies sector in Luxembourg are very broad, with most Luxembourg stakeholders being involved in different kinds of markets, each having their own specificities. This makes the sector very heterogeneous, with little competition between the various actors. This also means that the markets targeted by these actors are generally to be found outside of Luxembourg.