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Did you know it’s from Luxembourg?

Luxembourg’s contribution to the world record breaking tower

Guardian Luxguard S.A. plants based in Luxembourg were chosen to provide approximately 600.000m2 of coated glass for the construction of the 206-storey Burj Khalifa Tower in the United Arab Emirates. For this ambitious project to construct a tower reaching a height of 828m, Guardian Luxguard S.A. was unrivalled in its ability to produce the advanced architectural glass required.


Freedom Tower is based on giant steel sections produced in Luxembourg

ArcelorMittal’s steel plant in Differdange, Luxembourg, is the only mill worldwide capable of producing the high-strength, recycled giant steel beams for the columns of New York’s One World Trade Center, formerly called the Freedom Tower. The 9m to 17m long steel beams have been shipped to the United States to reinforce the new 541m structure of one of the world’s most iconic and awaited buildings.


Innovative tyre technologies invented in Luxembourg

With a staff of more than 900 engineers, scientists and technicians, Goodyear  Innovation Center Luxembourg (GIC*L)  develops car, truck and farm tyres for the entire world. Goodyear was honoured for its OptiGrip tyre with SmartWear Technology. A totally new tyre, the Goodyear BioIsoprene, in which rubber compounds have been derived from renewable raw materials, is another example of cutting-edge innovation. Goodyear also produces the tyres of president Obama’s limousine and tailor-made tyres for a lunar vehicle in collaboration with NASA.